Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) a think tank based in Kochi had taken up an initiative ‘Breaking Business Barriers’ aiming to curtail the regulatory barriers in setting up, operating and exiting a business in the state of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The initiative focuses on easing the business climate in seven sectors: Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Education, Energy, Information Technology (Hardware & Software), Infrastructure, Retail and Manufacturing.

The initiative intends to enhance the development of a business-friendly environment in these states, by removing the regulatory barriers in doing business.  The collaboration with the stakeholders has helped to identify the issues and challenges faced by them in operating the business and work towards finding a solution. In this regard, CPPR organized round table meetings with the Government representatives and business community in order to understand all relevant information regarding policies, taxation regimes, rules and other general information for doing business.

Based on our interaction and round table meetings with the Government representatives and business community we have come up sector specific reports and white papers which outlines the issues faced by entrepreneurs in each sector. The reports and white paper also contains suggestions and recommendations based on our research and interaction with the business community.
Click on the cover page below to view the Report and White Paper of the Breaking Business Barriers project.